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Ignite your creativity with a TV industry expert

Alex Price, Down to Earth Media’s Founder & Creative Director, is a freelance, self-shooting Producer/Director with almost two decades of experience in the TV industry. Alex provides a range of media production services including directing, producing, filming (camera operator), editing and also leveraging his expertise to deliver online feedback sessions for other creators.

Alex's Portfolio

Filmmaking for broadcast television and indie film companies, promo videos for events, oral history projects and social media shorts.

Alex has worked for the BBC, ITV, Discovery, Channel 5 and Channel 4 on programmes including: The One Show, Countryfile, DIY SOS, George Clarkes Amazing Spaces, Big Brother, Doctor Who, Changing Rooms, Antiques Roadshow, and Comic Relief.

We'll teach you how to film with confidence and create content like a pro using just your smartphone

Our workshops will help you...

Film - Learn how to make visual media with impact through the basic mechanics of smartphone filmmaking

Direct - Film someone else’s story and ask the right questions to get the best out of your interviewee

Script - Understand what makes a good story, unlock your creativity and kickstart your own ideas

Tech - Feel confident shooting anywhere and anytime giving you industry knowledge which are full of helpful hints

Produce - Film your own story with the skills and confidence to talk to the camera

Present - Find the confidence and talk on camera in a friendly, supportive setting

Full Day
Producing: Filming your own story
Full Day
Directing: Filming someone elses story
Full Day
Introduction to filming on your phone
Client Stories
We’ve had two days of fun, and slight embarrassment, but it's been incredibly empowering

"Hello I’m Hannah Jones from the Farm Carbon Tool Kit, I've just finished the Down to Earth Media training with Alex. We’ve had two days of fun, and slight embarrassment, but it's been incredibly empowering going from not knowing anything about producing small video clips, I feel that I can do it now. Its recognising that video clips are a really important way for us to learn alongside standard means of reading documents or hearing talks so thank you Alex, it was great."

Hannah Jones
Advisor, Farm Carbon Tool Kit